The best computer chair ever? GT Throne

The company I work for, Automattic, is at the forefront of distributed work.  As every employee is remote, we all have to set up a work area in our home or find a co-working spot. Each employee is also allowed to purchase a desk, chair and other necessary items to set up the work space. I decided I wanted a nice comfortable office chair and researched a number of them online. Finally, I decided on a chair that would be comfortable as well as offer a few side benefits to my music and enjoyment. The GT Throne is an amazing blend between a premium leather office chair, and an incredible audio machine.

The chair arrived within just a few days of ordering and I began with the unboxing:

The packaging was very nice, neat and professional. I was actually impressed to see individual boxes inside with labeling, instructions and everything needed to do the job. I did not have to grab a toolbox or anything extra to put the chair together. There was even a nice set of gloves with the pump so I could avoid getting chair grease all over.

The following slideshow is of the build process and includes images of steps to putting things together:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The finished product is an incredible chair, with amazing sound feedback that you can feel. My only complaint about the chair is that it requires a cord when you want the sound. It takes some power to run the amplifiers so I suppose the cord is not optional, however, they do include a nice breakaway option in case someone trips up on the cord. This allows it to easily detach from the chair and prevent tripping and breaking equipment.

Listening to music or playing games in this chair brings a whole new dimension to the experience. The way this works is hard to describe, its not just a bass shaker, it is a device that changes frequency and force along with the sound input.

Would I buy it again? ABSOLUTELY, just based on the comfort of the chair alone, this is worth it. I love the lumbar support and nice neck pillow. You can actually lay all the way down in the chair for a nap, its super comfy. The sound option is also really something I enjoy using. I would recommend it for music, movies, PC and console gaming.

If you like a DX Racer or other chair, this is a major upgrade in quality and comfort, as well as the incredible experience of feeling the sound.


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