Keto Foods

Its crazy to think that I started doing a Ketogenic diet back in 2016. When I did it, nobody had a clue what I was talking about yet I lost about 50lbs over a 3 month period. It was like magic. I ate all of the meats, dairy, and low carb things I wanted and never felt hungry. The hardest thing for me was cutting out bread. However, I found I could eat a lot of things, I just had to be creative. Since the original 3 month period, I try to do Keto for 6 weeks about every 6 months. Here are some pictures of things I enjoy while doing this diet:



I also eat a TON of salads. Usually I have a protein shake in the morning, A lunch (most of the pictures above) and then for dinner a huge salad with a protein (steak, chicken, etc.).

Some people think its hard to eat this way while on the road or eating out, but really, a Baconator sans bun and catsup is a pretty easy meal. You can even just dump out a few tacos and add some sauce to it and you are good to go. Above you will see a breakfast burrito that I had minus the tortilla and I asked them not to add any potato. It worked out fantastically well.

Jimmy Johns has a great low carb lettuce wrapped selection of sandwiches, BBQ joints are simply amazing (I just season with salt and pepper, no sauce), and then there is always eggs, bacon and others.

Music, Nashville and Things

Growing up I always took music for granted. To me it was just something everyone had and did. Now that I have traveled around the country and visited areas around the world I have realized how blessed I was to have music readily at my fingertips. I grew up in a musical family, my mother played the flute and piano, my father sang and played guitar as well as bass.

I had the opportunity to take piano lessons and composed a few songs that I am still quite proud of. Some day I may even record them to share, but for now, there are a few folks who have heard them. They are a way for me to share the feelings inside and express them to the outside.

I was also part of a singing group and took lessons. I think we did a few Christmas concerts and things and I even remember visiting an old folks home and getting to sing for a large audience of families and their loved ones there. Along with this, I always sang in my church’s children’s choir and have sang off and on in my church choir as an adult.

I had an opportunity to visit Nashville, TN for work and a good friend took us to visit Curb Records, an amazing recording studio that has had hundreds of musicians recorded there, many of whom you have heard. As a matter of fact, Dylan Scott who has a #1 song My Girl was there recording some radio spots. I got to shake his hand and meet him when he finished up.


This experience got me thinking about music and I searched and finally found some of my old recordings we did way back in my teenage years. I have a few here for you to listen to:

“Gruff” (James, Andrew and Dave)

1. One of our best songs is Nothing More:

2. Our hit that was actually on the radio in Mississippi: Leper Love

and from my first band as a teenager “The Squishy” (James, Ryan and Newton)

3. (Cream – Sunshine cover) WARNING, SKIP TO 40 seconds or listen to pointless noise

Sorry for the poor recordings, those were done on a 4 track during live jam sessions at my house so they are not studio quality. I hope you enjoy them, they make me smile.


Life, Work, Thoughts and Projects

I have been meaning to begin writing a blog both as a creative outlet and as a way to journal the happenings of my life. As you read my ramblings I hope you find what you came searching for. The opinions expressed here are my own and are just that, one random person’s thoughts and feelings that are flawed due to the nature of who I am and my upbringing. If I offend you, I am sorry, if I share something of value, take it and pass it along.  We are all a compilation of the people we meet and interact with, hopefully our interaction will be a positive one for you.